Fairtrade Initiative Saarebruck

Fairtrade Initiative Saarbrücken

As a regional platform, Fairtrade Initiative Saarbrücken (FIS) bundles the forces between the two specialist shops, the excellent Fairtrade-University and the Fairtrade schools as well as development policy associations, either active here in the area of migration or supporting development projects in the South. However, FIS is also an international operating team that carries out continuous activities in all areas of society. Fairly "Fair Trade Ambassadors" - 60% from the Global South, such as Bejard from Cameroon and Diego from Colombia – clarify the visitors of the events on the campus and in the city.

Thanks to this strong citizenship and a fruitful collaboration with the town hall, Saarbrücken was celebrated as the first fairtrade city in Germany in 2009 - and in 2015 as the capital of fair trade - this time within the framework of the nationwide competition of the same name.